The Art of Diane Wat Design

In 1993, at the Mt. View, California Art and Wine Festival, hanging outside a stall was a t-shirt with a very cute hand painted puppy. The shirt was the first of many wearable art pieces that Patty was to buy from artist Diane Wat.

The majority of Patty's collection are images of dogs, though Diane Wat Design offers many other subjects, including rabbits, cats, gardening and seasonal designs. Diane Wat's canvases include t-shirts, sweatshirts, earrings, pins, and childrens pieces. Recently she has begun to paint on sweaters and pillows.

This is a gallery of the Diane Wat Design pieces that Patty has acquired. The images are taken from shirts, sweaters and a pillow. All are hand painted pieces, so all are original art. None of the pieces shown here are for sale.

However, for more information about what is available, visit Diane Wat Design or e-mail the artist at to request a catalog or find out when and where Diane Wat Design will be displaying and selling her art.

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