It was duck weather in New York on Saturday. It was also the last day of doggie obedience classes at the SPCA, on the East Side.

Evelyn, Patty and Girlfriend trekked accross the island of Manhattan for graduation, complete with diploma.

After a late lunch at Popover Cafe on Amsterdam, it was time to get ready to go see 1776 at the Roundabout Criterion Center Stage. It reopened on Broadway on December 3 at the Gershwin Theater.

This revival gives a musical account of the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. It starred Brent Spiner, as John Adams and Pat Hingle as Benjamin Franklin, and co-starred Gregg Edelman (Edward Rutledge) and Michael Cumpsty (John Dickinson). The only two female parts were Linda Emond as Abigail Adams and Lauren Ward as Martha Jefferson.

The original production opened on Broadway in 1969 and starred William Daniels (John Adams) and Ken Howard (Thomas Jefferson), John Collum (Edward Rutledge), and Virginia Vestoff (Abigal Adams, who, along with several of the actors, reprised the rolls in the 1972 movie. Of note, Howard Da Silva was a great Ben Franklin in the movie, while Blythe Danner was Martha Jefferson.

Most of information links are from Playbill Online, Internet Movie Database, and All Movie Guide.

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