Patty Party Guests

Joe Cronin (left), Mark Shelton and Anne Cronin watch Patty open her presents.  

Tom is deep in conversation with somebody.

Mark and Anne chat with Neal Johnson and Adriene Johnson, while Anthony Jones observes Tom's Star Trek Next Generation tape collection.

Neal chats with somebody, while
Adriene (left) is enjoying a converstion with the Macfarlanes, Rosemary and James.

We had a little drawing to give away a pair SF Giants and Oakland A's tickets. Neal won, but gave them away to Jim Adamson (front left). Observing, (clockwise from top left) Kurt Kruger, Chris Bryant, Adriene Johnson, Kelly Rose, Tom, Rosalie and Joel Asch, Alistair Woodman, Michèle and Dylan Free, and Patty. Craig Elliott has loved Baracudas since he was a kid in Iowa. He shows off his toy to (clockwise from top left) Charles Denault, Chris Bryant, Dylan Free, (Craig), Lisa Elliott.
Bill Berner (center) settled in to talk to Clark Warner (left) and Alistair Woodman, and forgot to eat any food!

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