TheHudsons 12th Annual Holiday Party
December 9, 1995

For the past 12 years we have hosted a Holiday Party. This is the firstyear that we have some pictures to prove who came. The pictures were takenwith Fuji brand "disposable" cameras, by our guests and ourselves.

Meet some of our guests —
Fortunately, Eileen andMarty Blair
had a party cancellation, so
they could come to ours.

We're gladJanet Wallin has moved back to the Bay Area, so she could finally acceptan invitation.
DianaJines has her usual smile. Unfortunately, the camera missed Robert Wohnoutka.
Connie and Joe Cronin, our next doorneighbors,
stopped by for the obligatory eggnog
before heading off to another party.

Cindy & Stan Kelly's new daughter was borntwo days after the party.

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