TheHudsons 12th Annual Holiday Party
December 9, 1995

Here are the "creative" shots taken at our holiday party.

The dogs have to drink, too.

Some might callthese mistakes, but we prefer to think of them as artistic shots.

It wouldn't be the holidays without a presentto take home. Everyone brings a wrapped ornament and gets to pick another(or the same, if they want) to take with them.

Unfortunately this bookshelf was too big to go up the stairs. Fortunately,it fit right into the living room, and provides a great display for Tom'sbooks, Pinky and the Brain, and our Lalique fish collection.

Tom is quite the collector and librarian.(Admittedly some of it has rubbed off on Patty after 14 years.) This isa sample of the our videotape library. Tom is also quite handy; he builtthe shelves.

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