TheHudsons Dogs

Mandy Candy We adopted Mandy in 1998, after losing our dear Rosie. She comes to us from Companion Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.). As near as we can tell she is part Cocker and maybe Border Collie. She's still a bit of a puppy at ten-years-old. She misses her favorite toy, Cody.

Jake is our newest family member. We found him at the Family Dogs New Life shelter in Milwaukie, OR. He's a spunky adult fox terrier, who will fit into our little family quite well.

Our Cody
August 3, 1993 - May 30, 2007

Cody adopted us in 1995, after we lost Stanley, from the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF) in San Jose. He was almost two years old. With coloring like a Manchester terrier or dark Dachshund, a short tail like a Jack Russell terrier (only Cody's was zig-zagged), short Dachshund or Corgi-like legs, and half floppy ears, Cody's origins were anyone's guess. We just figured he was Dachshund and Jack Russell having the stubbornness of both breeds - which is what made him so endearing.

Memorial to Stanley
February 1982 - April 1995
Stanley was the first canine member of our family, arriving even before we were married. He was adopted from a pet store in Newark, California in 1982. An AKC registered Cocker Spaniel, his official name was Stanley Thumperlegs Hudson; so named because, as a puppy, when we rubbed his belly his leg moved like that of Thumper, from the Disney movie, "Bambi." Stanley never ceased to amaze us with his antics and intelligence. This picture captures the essence of Stanley — with expressive his eyes as he poses for the camera with his favorite toy, a racquetball.

Tribute to Rosie
February 1987 - September 1998
Rosie was adopted from the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Newark, California 1987. She lived eleven happy years as part of our household, and sometimes thinking she was a puppy. She was a Border Collie-Terrier cross who loved everybody and everything (except fleas). Had we sheep she would have been in her element. As it is she was content herding Tom, Patty, Stanley and Cody around, as long as she was loved. And she was.

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