The Backyard

In 1989, we moved into our first house with a real yard. In the Bay Area backyardsgenerally aren't that large. With a large deck and two semi-circular planters, ouryard was particularly small.

During the drought years not too much grew. Then the rain came and with it all thetrees and weeds grew. "Lake Hudson" filled up outside the back patio doorwith each rain, and our prissy (but loveable) dogs wouldn't go outside.

Something HAD to be done.


Since we didn't spend much time in the back, there aren't any real BEFORE pictures. These are the beginnings of the demolition...which, come to think of it, aren't too far off what it really looked like, at times.


One year, 9 tons topsoil and 6 tons of decomposed granite (hauled by hand cart from the front), 1 dumpster, and 2 dump trips later, here is the result.

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