Has it really been THAT long?

Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1976

In 1976, Patty graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver,Colorado. In August 1996, they held the 20 year class reunion. It was interestingand fun to meet some "old" friends, make new acquaintances, and see somelong "lost" friends.

The bad news is that we forgot to take the camera. The good news is everyone looksmuch the same as in 1976, except with less hair (men and women alike.) So here aresome yearbook pictures of some of the people we "met."

Randy Roorda and Patty met in Mr. Miles' Sociology class
senior year and have been
good friends ever since. Randyis a teacher living in Littleton,with his wife, Georgia andteen age daughter.

Mark Shelton and Patty met
through Evelyn. He and
Evelyn used to go to
(and skip) advanced
placement biology classes.
Now Mark lives in the
Puget Sound in Washington
state. Check out our FRIENDS
page for more pictures of Mark.

Tom Nakagawa was Randy's
good friend and we had
the pleasure of meeting
him and his wife, Laurie.
Tom is an Assistant Professor
of Pediatrics living in
Virginia. We received a Christmas card and picture.

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