Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1976


More classmates we "met"...

Ann Rudolph Byrd sang in
Choir and McGregor's
Beggars. She's still singing
in her church choir in
Denver, where she lives
with her husband
and two boys.

Ava Worsham is glad to
be back in Denver after
several years on the
east coast. She lives in
Littleton with her
husband and son.

Dan Hugo was voted
most talented, as TJ's
foremost trumpet player.
He's now an actor, director,
and producer living in

Linda Williams Williams was
the senior class VP. Now she
is a training manager living
in Denver with her husband
and two young sons.

Larry Sigman is a newlywed
living in Denver, where he
practiced law for several
years and is now working
in financial services.

Lars Walberg is living
in Denver with his wife
and two boys, where he
is a self-employed
manufacturer's rep.

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