Colorado Reunions

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Different Reunions




Visiting with friends in 1996
Sean Stewart models '96 b'day presentSean and PattySean and Tom hamming it upSean and Tom hamming it up 2Edith, Robert and Mark Shelton and PattyStephanie Barnhizer, Patty, Tom and Mark

Thomas Jefferson High School Class of 1976
Patty at 17 Randy Roorda 1976 Shortstuff with big hairTom Nakagawa 1976Linda Williams 1976 Ann Rudolph 1976Ava Worsham 1976 Danny Hugo 1976Lars Walberg 1976 Larry Sigman 1976

Laurie and Tom Nakagawa 1996

Prom Night

Another Reunion
Randy, Tom, Mark 1986Randy, Patty, Mark 1986Randy, Patty, Mark smooch

Other TJ folks of note
Evelyn Nunlee 1976 Jerry Fishman 1976

Check out the pictures for other trips in 1996 to
Hawaii,New YorkCity, Boston,and Phoenix

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