In and Around Minmore

The last part of our trip took us to the Grampian Highlands, where you will findthe Malt Whiskey Trail, castles, sheep, cows, and Minmore House.

In 1995, we found Minmore House in the book Europe'sWonderful Little Hotels & Inns by Hilary Rubinstein. When our stay endedafter three days, we really wanted to stay longer. The food was marvelous, the accomodationsgood, and the people wonderful. Before we drove away, we had decided we would return.

With Minmore as our base, we toured the area visiting towns like Dufftown, Elgin,and Lossiemouth. We discovered "new" malt whiskeys, toured castles, toureda cashmere mill, and watched sheepdogs in action. We also took walks and met somewonderful people.

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Minmore House

New Friends

Dogs and Other Beasties




Other Places

was interesting enough to warrant honorable mention. We stopped at the factory outside of Perth after leaving Minmore.

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