Around Moray

One day we headed north of Minmore. Our drive took us to Fochabers and the Baxters Fine Food factory.
We drove west on the A96, to Elgin, and Johnstons Cashmere Mill.

On the way to Inverness, we took a detour north to Lossiemouth, then turned south a bit and visited Cawdor Castle.

We ended up in Inverness, where we had a light lunch, then headed back to Minmore for cucumber sandwiches and tea.

Baxters Fine Foods is a family-owned companythat began with £10 and a small shop in Fochabers. Now it's a factory that producessoups, jams & conserves, marmalades, chutneys and sauces; a visitor's centerand shop; and a restaurant.

Johnstons of Elgin is the only British mill to transform cashmere from fibre to garment.In early July, the river behind the mill went over its banks and flooded the factoryand shop. When we visited, factory tours had just begun, and we got a private tourthrough most of the factory. We saw how the cashmere from China and Mongolia andlambswool, primarily from Australia are spun and dyed. The floods destroyed the loomsand new looms are expected in October. For now cloth is woven and knit at contractlocations elsewhere in Scotland.

Although we didn't visit any malt whiskey distilleries on this trip, that's not to say we didn't meet the duty-free limit allowed. Tom picked up some single malts in Dufftown from distilleries that are no longer producing. He also picked up some miniatures for his collection.

We stopped to look at the Royal Air Force base at Lossiemouth.

Then we looked out at the Moray Firth.

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