Tom's Birthdays

In 1987, Tom said he just wanted to go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.But a birthday ought to be different than a dinner out, so at the last minute Pattyinvited some friends to an impromptu surprise birthday party. And it worked: Tomwas surprised.

Marie Hedman, Andy Soderberg and Katie Adler joined in the festivities

In 1994, Patty was admonished NOT to plan a surprise, like she'd done the previous 5 years.

Tom's favorite present for his birthday in 1996 was the back half of a plastic rat, which proves that, though he may be getting older, he isn't necessarily growing up.

Our neighbors Joe and Connie Cronin helped celebrate Tom's 41st, as did friends, Neal and Adriene Johnson and Pamala Meador, Tom's favorite Warner Gallery manager.
Andy was there, too, but he managed to avoid the camera.

Other Parties

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