UK Visit March 1998

March 1998 UK Weekend

We had such a wonderful time visiting with Anthony, Jeannie and Sarah in August1997, that we just had to go back. So back we went as something of a birthdaytrip for Tom. We arrived Friday morning, March 13 and began a very pleasant, thoughseemingly-short, visit to the UK. (Click on the thumbnail images tosee a larger picture and description.)

Friday was our day to get acclimated. Our very pleasanthosts chauffeured us to a nearby shopping mall so Tom could stock up on books byBritish authors like Robert Rankin (13) and Maureen Lipman (3) and videotapes fromBritish comedies like Dad's Army and Vicar of Dibley.

Saturday we started with one of Sarah's favorite activities:feeding the horses in the nearby paddock.

We had breakfast at a farm, where Tom, Jeannie and Anthony had scrambled eggs withsmoked salmon and Patty had a very English (and delicious) cream tea.

Next we viisted the Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest.

Then to London and the Camden Town Market and back to home.

Finally, we had a lovely dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Pinner called LaGiralda.

Sunday, we headed into London for the last of the bookstoreruns a visit to the Science Museum.

Monday was spent relaxing, in anticipation of a tripto the Adelphi Theatre to see

Tuesday morning we headed home from Heathrow, both sadthat our trip was so short and anxious to get home to thedogs.


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