How We Spent our Summer Vacation

In August, we headed to the United Kingdom. Since this was our second visit,we didn't do too much sightseeing during our 6 night London stay; insteadwe stimulated the local economy. We also visited with the family Dunwell,in Thatcham ,and took a day trip to Oxford. We carried around the camera,and it remained in the camera bag.

We then spent three nights at a lovely small inn called Minmore House. It'slocated 200 yards from The Glenlivet Distillery.

We highly recommend Minmore House. There are eight guest rooms. Full highlandbreakfast, afternoon tea, and a five course dinner were part of the stay.If we'd only known, we'd have stayed longer than three nights. We'd alsohave gained lots of weight from the marvelous food.

The small town of Glenlivet sits on the other side of the distillery. Otherwise,thesewere the only neighbors.

One daywe discovered Blairfinde Castle. It had not withstood the hands of timewell. It is being held together by large iron bands.

Balindolloch Castle, on the other hand, is well taken care of. It is theoldest castle that is still occupied by the same family who built it.

We finished our visit to the U.K. by visiting Edinburgh and the EdinburghFestival. We stimulated the economy there, too, but didn't take any pictures.

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