More Pictures of More Friends

This is Bill Berner celebrating his twenty-something birthday. That was in 1992. Bill just recently announced his engagement. He and his fiancée, Ginny will be married in September1996. That's Scott Petry, hamming it up in the background.

Tom's department when he was working in training at Apple. In the back,there's Jeff Brechlin, Neal Johnson, Dawn Vanderloo, and Sean Stewart. Sitting in front: Wendy Everett, Karen Frasier Denham, Harry Wittenberg and Tom.

Interesting pairs
Sean Stewart and Tom hamming it up at the Apple CorporateGames.
Patty and her pal Lance Hoffman, taken circa 1990.

Evelyn and Patty in 1987.Evelyn and her new friend in 1994.

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